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Spa Unlimited Himalayan Pink Salt Exfoliating Body Scrubs

Granulated and fine Himalayan Pink Salts

Research shows that Himalayan Pink Salt / Himalayan Salt is the purest sea salt available in the world. It offers a wide range of benefits to the body since it is purely natural and is almost unprocessed, still containing most of its original minerals and trace elements.

Himalayan salt contains a lot of minerals including magnesium and potassium. Using Himalayan salt in body scrubs exfoliates skin that results in healthier and renewed skin. When used as a foot soak bath, it can relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and relieve pain. When used as decorative lamp, it purifies air in the room with soothing spa like atmosphere because it produces negative ions mostly found in natural environment such as the mountains and beaches. Studies suggest that these ions can boost serotonin and alleviate symptoms of depression.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrubs

  • It’s a natural exfoliator, softens the skin, leaving it fresh and healthy-looking.
    • Himalayan pink salt removes dead skin cells easily. It draws out impurities from your skin, cleansing the pores after a long day of dirt and dust accumulating on your skin.
    • Removing dead skin cells exposes fresh skin, keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Your skin will look and feel softer and smoother because it contains essential minerals that soften skin and restore hydration at the deepest levels.
    • Combined with essential oils, it is a great natural skin care product and it will feel like a spa day at home any day.
  • Maintains skin’s pH balance
    • Studies show that the skin is said to be perfect when it is slightly acidic. This means the skin’s pH should be around 5.5 or 6 even. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with perfect skin. When the acidic nature of skin increases, your skin becomes dry, it starts flaking off and you are also prone to infection and sagging skin. When the acidic level is low, you suffer from oily skin and clogged pores hence it is highly important that you maintain your skin’s pH balance.
  • Boosts your circulation
    • Himalayan pink salt scrub does not only exfoliate but also increases blood circulation and relieve stress, joint swelling, redness and relaxes muscles.
    • Massaging your skin with the Himalayan Salt Scrub is a great way to stimulate the circulation under your skin’s blood vessels.
    • Good circulation means more nutrients are delivered to your skin cells, sustaining them with the fuel they need to maintain a youthful glow. By regularly massaging your skin, your skin is kept healthy and happy.
  • Makes cellulite bumps less noticeable
    • Himalayan pink salt body scrubs help reduce the appearance of cellulites. Sloughing off dead skin cells and sealing skin with moisturizing oil alleviates dry skin problems and helps with resiliency. While this salt scrub won’t get rid of cellulite, it will make the bumps will be less noticeable after scrubbing and for at least a day or two after.

Spa Unlimited Himalayan pink salt scrubs are made with all-natural and skin-friendly ingredients thus making it a lovely wellness gift for yourself or for your loved ones.

Spa Unlimited Himalayan pink salt scrubs are made from fine Himalayan pink salts, natural flower petals and natural essential oils for additional nourishments and delightful aroma.

Spa Unlimited Himalayan Pink Salt Scrubs buffs away dead skin cells and moisturizes skin, leaving it silky smooth. It helps rejuvenate skin and keep its natural brilliance.

Spa Unlimited Himalayan Pink Salt Scrubs come in three variants:

1. Spa Unlimited Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub “Lavender” / Lavender Body Scrub

  • Combined with natural Lavender Essential Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt brings more benefits when used as body scrub.
    • Lavender Essential Oil promotes relaxation and believed to have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifying, hypotensive, and sedative effects.
    • Himalayan pink salt with Lavender Essential Oil soothes skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Lavender oil helps cleanse the skin and lessen redness and irritation. With eczema, the skin gets dry, itchy, and scaly. Since lavender has antifungal properties and reduces inflammation, it can help keep eczema at bay.
    • Lavender oil aids blotchy skin since it reduces inflammation. It can reduce discoloration including dark spots, helps lessen blotchiness, redness and hyperpigmentation on skin.

2. Spa Unlimited  Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub “Rose Petals & Mandarin” / Rose Body Scrub

  • Combined with natural Rose Petals & Mandarin Essential Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt brings more benefits when used as body scrub.
    • Roses are deeply connected to the heart, naturally bringing out an essence of love and romance within us. Indulging in rose bath or aromatherapy is a beautiful way to show love to yourself. It is emotionally soothing, known to help improve mood, and can boost your confidence. It helps bring out the best feelings in your heart so you can connect with yourself and others in a deeply loving way.
    • Studies showed that Rose essential oil helps against dampened mood, faltering mental state, stress or all out depression and aids in relaxation. Rose oil helps boost self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting anxiety.
    • Rose essential oil also help in heightening libido, used as an aphrodisiac that removes stress and anxiety related sexual dysfunctions or general disinterest in sexual activity with partner. The very scent of it can arouse, and may boost the libido while invoking romantic feelings which are essential for successful sex life.
  • It also have antimicrobial properties ideal for skin care. Rose essential oil helps in controlling skin texture and many keratinocyte differentiation-related skin diseases. Keratinocytes are the gatekeepers that keep your skin protected from heat, UV radiation, water loss, pathogenic bacteria, and parasites.
    • Rose essential oil has been known for its healing essence and powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and antiseptic properties. Rose essential oil has power as a refreshing and regenerative tonic. Rose essential oil helps scars and after marks of boils, acne, and the pox on the skin fade away. This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks.
    • Rose oil typically makes the list of top anti-aging essential oils. It boost skin health and possibly slow down the aging process since it has potent anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals which encourage skin damage and skin aging.
    • It can even help you fade away stretch marks, fat cracks, scars from surgeries, and so on. The antioxidant properties of rose oil help with healing your skin quickly.
  • Spa Unlimited Himalayan Salt Exfoliating Body Scrub “Rose Petals & Mandarin” / Rose Body Scrub also contains Mandarin Essential oil that has lots of benefits when used in body scrub.
    • Mandarin is known as the sweetest and most calming citrus essential oil and is proven to help diminish acne, stretch marks and scars; reduce pain, anxiety and nausea; relieve pain and even support cellular health. Mandarin essential oil also is shown to brighten the skin, reduce insomnia, improve oily skin, minimize stress.
    • The oil of mandarin may also improve the circulation of blood and lymph, particularly below the skin, which may keep the skin rejuvenated and looking young and vibrant. This improved circulation may also create warmth and provides relief from rheumatism and arthritis. This can also aid growth and boosts immunity.
    • The mandarin essential oil may also promote the growth of new cells and tissues, thereby helping to speed the healing time of wounds and other signs of wear & tear. It helps reduce cellulite, stretch marks, scars, water retention and other body-relating swelling conditions. Being rich in antioxidants, it treats dry skin, neutralize free radicals that can damage skin cells and helps fight the signs of aging
    • With its ability to renew your complexion and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, Mandarin Essential Oil can be used to help to even out skin tone.
    • Using mandarin oil to boost your circulation and blood flow can leave your skin looking plumper, brighter and more radiant.
    • Mandarin essential oil is also great for treating nausea. It has calming and soothing properties which helps to decrease anxiety levels and therefore results in the reduced tendency to vomit.

3. Spa Unlimited Himalayan Salt Body Scrub “Green Tea & Peppermint” / Green Tea Body Scrub

  • Combined with natural Green Tea, Himalayan Pink Salt brings more benefits when used as body scrub.
    • Green tea has a wide range of therapeutic properties that can benefit your skin. Some of the most important benefits includes protection against skin cancer because of its antioxidant property that have the ability to fight free radicals in the body that cause cellular damage that have been linked to many diseases, including cancer and premature aging.
    • Green tea has the ability to rejuvenate dying skin cells by protecting and repairing cells and combat signs of aging and make dull skin look healthier. The vitamins in green tea, especially vitamin B-2, can also keep your skin looking more youthful due to its ability to maintain collagen levels, which can improve the firmness of the skin. It contains Vitamin E, which is known for its ability to nourish the skin since it supports new skin cell growth and acts as an intense hydrator for dry or imbalanced skin. Green tea smooths the skin and improves skin’s texture. Green tea also contains vitamin A, also known as Retinol, which is known for its power to keep the top two layers of skin looking their best.
  • Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to the tea’s high content of polyphenols. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce skin irritation, skin redness, swelling and help even out skin tone.
    • It can soothe irritation and itching caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea, and it may also be helpful for treating keloids.
    • Green tea leaves can be used to gently exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that can cause skin to look dull and lifeless. The exfoliation process also helps to trigger the production of new skin cells for a glowing appearance.
  • Spa Unlimited Himalayan Salt Body Scrub “Green Tea & Peppermint” / Green Tea Body Scrub also contains Peppermint Essential oil that has lots of benefits when used in body scrub.
    • Peppermint Essential Oil has all sorts of benefits and a wide range of uses because of its healing properties. Peppermint oil can be applied topically or diffused for inhalation and is most known for its ability to reduce itching and swelling, ease muscle pain and relieve headaches.
    • Peppermint Essential Oil is known to promote deep relaxation in the body and the mind, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
    • It also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation of the skin.
    • It has soothing and cooling abilities that promotes better circulation which creates an energized and active sensation that also freshens the skin, leaving it healthy, youthful and glowing.
    • The high concentration of menthol is responsible for peppermint oil’s cooling properties that can also relieve achy muscles and help with headaches as well.

How to use Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrubs

1.  Start a warm (not hot) shower or bath.

2. After a few minutes your skin will have softened from the water, that is when you start to apply the body scrub.

3. Grab a small amount of the scrub in your hand (a tablespoon or two), and start massaging it on your skin using circular motions. Focus on the feet, knees and elbows, as those tend to be rough areas. Then gently exfoliate the rest of your body.

4. Once you have finished scrubbing rinse to get the salt off. Get out of the shower or bath and gently pat dry.

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