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Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

Has stimulating and soothing effects. It can enhance concentration while soothing and reducing the feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, exhaustion, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue. Its warming qualities also serve as a remedy for insomnia and stimulates feelings of courage and ease. In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger oil is believed to treat emotional problems like fear, abandonment, and lack of self-confidence or motivation. In to a lab study conducted in Switzerland, ginger essential oil activated the human serotonin receptor, which may be able to help relieve anxiety.

Reduce Nausea. A recent study from South Korea found that aromatherapy using ginger essential oil can be an effective treatment for nausea or motion sickness.  It can settle the stomach and ease indigestion. When you take a long car ride or drive along winding roads, place a drop of Ginger oil in the palm of your hand and inhale to enjoy its calming, soothing aroma. You can also apply Ginger oil topically, diluting with Fractionated Coconut Oil, as part of a soothing abdominal massage.

Calms the stomach. Ginger Essential Oil represents one of the best natural remedies for stomach problems, including colic, indigestion, stomach aches and spasms.

Aids respiratory problems. Ginger Essential Oil is an expectorant. It aids in removing excess mucus from the throat and lungs as well as improving function of the body’s respiratory processes. As a result, Ginger Oil can be a great remedy for colds, flu, coughs, asthma, bronchitis and loss of breath, to name just a few. When ginger essential oil is inhaled, it was effective in reducing nausea and also loss of breath. Studies have shown that ginger essential oil serves as a natural treatment option for asthma patients. Because of ginger essential oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces swelling in the lungs and helps open airways. A study conducted by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry found that ginger and its active components caused a significant and rapid relaxation of human airway smooth muscles. Researchers concluded that compounds found in ginger may provide a therapeutic option for patients with asthma and other airway diseases.

Has anti-inflammatory properties. A component of ginger essential oil, called zingibain, is responsible for the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. This important component provides pain relief and treats muscle aches, arthritis, migraines and headaches.

Helps as a Natural Aphrodisiac. Ginger essential oil increases sexual desire. It addresses issues such as impotence and loss of libido. Because of its warming and stimulating properties, ginger essential oil serves as an effective and natural aphrodisiac, as well as a natural remedy for impotence. It has helps relieve stress and brings forth feelings of courage and self-awareness — eliminating self-doubt and fear.

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